This list contains spoilers!

As it should already be time to start all Bond 24 rumors and to give it some additional attention, here’s a nice list of James Bond Villains! I have already made the List Of All James bond Movies and List Of All James Bond Actors lists in the past, but now it’s also time to let the villains shine. After this there will even be a detailed list of all Bond girls, Bond Cars and even Bond Weapons.

So, just like the other James Bond lists, these are the villains from only the official movies from the EON Productions franchise.

1 James Bond: Dr. No

Dr. Julius No

  • Actor: Joseph Wiseman
  • Evil Scheme: Dr. No wants to sabotage American missiles and send them off-course using directed radio waves.
  • Part of organisation: SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion)
  • Fate: After a fierce hand-to-hand fighting round with Bond, Dr. No falls into the cooling silo of his own nuclear reactor, gets boiled.
“East, West, just points of the compass, each as stupid as the other.”
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2 James Bond: From Russia With Love

ernst-blofeld-from-russia-with-love-no-faceErnst Stavro Blofeld

  • Actors: Eric Pohlmann (voice), Anthony Dawson (body) (Blofeld is only shown from the neck down)
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to retaliate for Dr. No’s death by luring, trapping and killing James Bond and humiliate MI6 by publishing piquant photos of Bond and Tatiana Romanova
  • Part of organisation: “Number 1” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: No contact with 007, survives.
“Our rules are very simple: if you fail…”

Rosa Klebb

  • Actress: Lotte Lenya
  • Part of organisation: “Number 3” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: Shot by her subordinate and Bond girl Tatiana Romanova.

Ernst Blofeld: Siamese fighting fish, fascinating creatures. Brave but of the whole stupid. Yes they’re stupid. Except for the occasional one such as we have here who lets the other two fight. While he waits. Waits until the survivor is so exhausted that he cannot defend himself, and then like SPECTRE… he strikes!
Rosa Klebb: I find the parallel… amusing.
Ernst Blofeld: Our organization did not arrange for you to come over from the Russians just for amusement, Number 3.

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3 James Bond: Goldfinger

Auric Goldfinger

  • Actor: Gert Fröbe
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to increase the value of his gold stock through Operation Grand Slam by destroying Fort Knox and its gold with an atomic bomb
  • Part of organisation: owner of Auric Enterprises, AG
  • Fate: Gets sucked out of a shattered airplane window

“Man has climbed Mount Everest, gone to the bottom of the ocean. He’s fired rockets at the Moon, split the atom, achieved miracles in every field of human endeavor… except crime!”

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4 James Bond: Thunderball

emilio-largo-villain-james-bond-thunderball-007Emilio Largo

  • Actor: Adolfo Celi
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to extort NATO with stolen nuclear warheads
  • Part of organisation: “Number 2” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: Shot in the back by his mistress with a harpoon.

“Like your friend you’ve been a little too clever, and now you are caught!”


Ernst Stavro Blofeld

  • Actor: Eric Pohlmann (voice), Anthony Dawson (body) 
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to extort NATO with stolen nuclear warheads
  • Part of organisation: “Number 1” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: No contact with 007, survives.

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5 James Bond: You Only Live Twice

ernst-stavro-blofeld-donald-pleasence-you-only-live-twice-picture-cat-chair-james-bond-007Ernst Stavro Blofeld

  • Actor: Donald Pleasence
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to provoke war between the Soviet Union and the United States by capture spacecrafts
  • Part of organisation: “Number 1” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: Injured in the hand, but survives.

“I shall look forward personally to exterminating you, Mr. Bond.”

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6 James Bond: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

telly-savalas-ernst-stavro-blofeld-james-bond-villain-007Ernst Stavro Blofeld

  • Actor: Telly Savalas
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to extort the world by destroying crops and livestock with evil viruses.
  • Part of organisation: “Number 1” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: Breaks neck, but survives

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7 James Bond: Diamonds Are Forever

charles-gray-ernst-stavro-blofeld-james-bond-villain-007Ernst Stavro Blofeld

  • Actor: Charles Gray
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to create a satellite laser that can destroy nuclear targets anywhere around the world, extort nuclear superpowers.
  • Part of organisation: “Number 1” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: Should have died in mini-sub, but survives

“The satellite is at present over… Kansas. Well, if we destroy Kansas the world may not hear about it for years. Perhaps New York, with all that smut and traffic… might give them a chance for a fresh start. Washington, DC. Perfect. Since we have not heard from them, they will hear from us.”

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8 James Bond: Live And Let Die

dr-kanaga-mr-big-james-bond-villain-007Dr. Kananga, a.k.a. Mr. Big

  • Actor: Yaphet Kotto
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to have the biggest share in heroin dealing by distributing large amounts of heroin for free, creating more addicts to provide additional drugs
  • Part of organisation: independent
  • Fate: Bond inserts gas-capsule down Kananga’s throat, explodes

“Tee-Hee, on the first wrong answer from Miss Solitaire, you will snip the little finger of Mr. Bond’s right hand. Starting with the second wrong answer, you will proceed to the more… VITAL… areas.”

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9 James Bond: The Man With The Golden Gun

man-with-the-golden-gun-francisco-scaramanga-james-bond-villain-007Francisco Scaramanga

  • Actor: Christopher Lee
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to get a hold of a crucial componant for solar power plants, the “Solex Agitator” and sell it to the highest bidder. Wants Bond dead.
  • Part of organisation: independent
  • Fate: Shot in the heart by Bond, who pretends to be a statue in the Hall of Mirrors

“I like a girl in a bikini. No concealed weapons.”

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10 James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me

karl-stromberg-james-bond-villain-007Karl Stromberg

  • Actor: Curd Jürgens (billed as Curt Jürgens)
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to destroy the world and build an underwater civilization for himself by hijacking US and Soviet submarines, fire nuclear missiles on New York and Moscow and provoke a devastating war between the superpowers.
  • Part of organisation: Stromberg Shipping
  • Fate: Shot to death with four shots by Bond.

“Observe, Mr. Bond, the instruments of Armageddon.”

richard-kiel-jaws-evil-sidekick-villain-james-bond-007Evil Sidekick: Jaws

  • Actor: Richard Kiel
  • Perk: has steel teeth that can bite through just about anything. Is also quite big and strong.
  • Fate: In the original script Jaws is killed by a shark (how ironic), but survives in the final cut.

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11 James Bond: Moonraker

hugo-drax-michael-lonsdale-james-bond-villain-list-007Hugo Drax

  • Actor: Michael Lonsdale
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to breed the perfect civilization by first eradicating all existing life on earth with a deadly nerve agent, sent from space
  • Part of organisation: independent
  • Fate: 007 shoots Drax with a poison dart, then ejects him into outer space

“Mr. Bond, you persist in defying my efforts to provide an amusing death for you.”

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“Evil” Sidekick: Jaws

  • Actor: Richard Kiel
  • Perk: has steel teeth that can bite through just about anything. Is also quite big and strong.
  • Fate: Unclear fate, but seems to survive after switching sides and aiding in Bond’s escape.

12 James Bond: For Your Eyes Only

julian-glover-aristotle-kristatos-007-james-bond-villainAristotle Kristatos

  • Actor: Julian Glover
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to get his hands on a device that can send British missiles towards the Soviet Union.
  • Part of organisation: independent
  • Fate: Bond’s ally Milos Columbo kills Kristatos with a knife throw to the back

“Oh, leave the legs free. They’ll make appetizing bait!”

ernst-stavro-blofeld-for-your-eyes-only-james-bond-villainErnst Stavro Blofeld (“Wheelchair Villain”)

  • Actor: John Hollis (body), Robert Rietty (voice)
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to kill Bond by hijacking and blowing up a helicopter with James in it.
  • Part of organisation: “Number 1” of SPECTRE
  • Fate: Finally dies when his plan backfires and Bond throws him down a factory chimney

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13 James Bond: Octopussy

general-orlov-steven-berkoff-james-bond-007-villainsGeneral Orlov

  • Actor: Steven Berkoff
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to scare off American forces from Germany by detonating a nuclear bomb in an American base so the Soviet Union can invade Germany.
  • Part of organisation: USSR Army
  • Fate: Shot to death by border guards while attempting to jump on Octopussy’s train

kamal-khan-louis-jordan-james-bond-007-villainKamal Khan

  • Actor: Louis Jourdan
  • Evil Scheme: General Orlov’s sidekick. Gets paid in stolen Moscow Kremlin jewels.
  • Part of organisation: independent
  • Fate: Dies in plane crash

“Mr. Bond is indeed of a very rare breed… soon to be made extinct.”

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14 James Bond: A View To A Kill

max-zorin-christopher-walken-james-bond-007-villainMax Zorin

  • Actor: Christopher Walken
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to destory Silicon Valley with a huge earthquake, wants to be the only microchip supplier
  • Part of organisation: Zorin Industries
  • Fate: Falls from the Golden Gate Bridge, dies.

“Wow! What a view! To a kill!”

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15 James Bond: The Living Daylights

general-georgi-koskov-james-bond-villain-jeroen-krabbeGeneral Georgi Koskov

  • Actor: Jeroen Krabbé
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to continue and expand Soviet invasion into Afghanistan by misleading MI6 (Bond) into assassinating a KGB general.
  • Part of organisation: USSR Army
  • Fate: Gets arrested. Allegedly executed by KGB.

brad-whitaker-james-bond-villainBrad Whitaker

  • Actor: Joe Don Baker
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to sustain and fund the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
  • Part of organisation: None, black arms dealer
  • Fate: Bond kills Whitaker by crushing him with a falling statue.

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16 James Bond: Licence To Kill

robert-davi-franz-sanchez-james-bond-007-villainFranz Sanchez

  • Actor: Robert Davi
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to create the biggest international drug cartel. Smuggles cocaine dissolved in petrol.
  • Part of organisation: None, drug lord
  • Fate: Burned alive by Bond, covered in the very petrol used in his drug facilities

“Drug dealers of the world, unite!”

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17 James Bond: GoldenEye

alec-trevelyan-janus-sean-bean-james-bond-goldeneye-villainAlec Trevelyan/Janus

  • Actor: Sean Bean
  • Evil Scheme: Assume control of the GoldenEye weaponized satellite, destroy London with it and cover up a major electronic theft of millions from the Bank of England.
  • Part of organisation: Former 00-agent, Janus Syndicate
  • Fate: Janus is dropped on a radar by Bond, dies.

“Kill him. The man just won’t take a hint.”

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18 James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies

elliot-carver-jonathan-pryce-james-bond-villainElliot Carver

  • Actor: Jonathan Pryce
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to penetrate Chinese media with his media empire. Goes about this by provoking a major conflict between the UK and China and by triggering a nuclear disaster in Beijing.
  • Part of organisation: Carver Media Group
  • Fate: Gets killed by a huge drill

“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”

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19 James Bond: The World Is Not Enough

renard-viktor-zokas-james-bond-villainsRenard/Viktor Zokas

  • Actor: Robert Carlyle
  • Evil Scheme: Allow Elektra King to monopolize the oil market by blowing up Istanbul
  • Part of organisation: Former KGB, independent
  • Fate: Bond shoots a plutonium cilinder through Renard’s chest

“One tires of being executed.”

elektra-kind-james-bond-villainElektra King

  • Actor: Sophie Marceau
  • Evil Scheme: Wants total control of oil market by killing her father
  • Part of organisation: King Industries
  • Fate: Shot and killed by Bond

“There’s no point living, if you can’t feel alive.”

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20 James Bond: Die Another Day

gustav-graves-james-bond-villainGustav Graves (Colonel Tan-Sun Moon)

  • Actor: Toby Stephens
  • Evil Scheme: North Korean colonel turned British diamond magnate with help of gene-alteration. Wants to invade South Korea with his “Icarus” solar death-ray satellite.
  • Part of organisation: North Korean army, independent
  • Fate: Gets sucked in running airplane engine by the hand of Bond, dies.

“The pleasure of the kill is in the chase.”

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21 James Bond: Casino Royale

le-chiffre-mads-mikkelsen-james-bond-villain-casino-royaleLe Chiffre

  • Actor: Mads Mikkelsen
  • Evil Scheme: Making his clients rich by destroying a new type of jet, short selling their stock right before the destruction, fails by Bond’s doing. Wants to make back losses by winning grand-prize Texas Hold’em Poker event.
  • Part of organisation: Evil banker
  • Fate: Shot by Mr. White

“You know, I never understood all these elaborate tortures. It’s the simplest thing… to cause more pain than a man can possibly endure. And of course, it’s not only the immediate agony, but the knowledge… that if you do not yield soon enough… there will be little left to identify you as a man. The only question remains: will you yield, in time?”

mr-white-jesper-james-bond-villains-casino-royaleMr. White

  • Actor: Jesper Christensen
  • Evil Scheme: Regain the losses of his company, caused by Le Chiffre
  • Part of organisation: Quantum
  • Fate: Bond shoots him in the knee, survives, captured by MI6.

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22 James Bond: Quantum Of Solace

quantum-of-solace-dominic-greene-james-bond-villainDominic Greene

  • Actor: Mathieu Amalric
  • Evil Scheme: Extort Bolivian government by monopolizing water supply and creating a draught.
  • Part of organisation: Quantum, Greene Planet
  • Fate: Bond abandons Greene in the middle of the desert. Story tells he is later found with two bullets shot in the back of his head.

“Please don’t talk to me like I’m stupid… It’s unattractive.”

general-medrano-quantum-of-solace-james-bond-villainsGeneral Medrano

  • Actor: Joaquin Cosio
  • Evil Scheme: Become the new president of Bolivia with Greene’s help
  • Part of organisation: Bolivian Army
  • Fate: Shot and killed by Bond Girl Camille Montes

mr-white-jesper-james-bond-villains-casino-royaleMr. White

  • Actor: Jesper Christensen
  • Evil Scheme: Is in MI6 custody, wants to escape
  • Part of organisation: Quantum
  • Fate: Escapes, survives

“The first thing you should know about us is… we have people everywhere.”

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23 James Bond: Skyfall

javier-bardem-raoul-silva-james-bond-skyfall-villainRaoul Silva/Tiago Gonzales

  • Actor: Javier Bardem
  • Evil Scheme: Wants to humiliate his ex-employer MI6, force M’s resignation and then kill her
  • Part of organisation: Former MI6 agent, independent
  • Fate: Killed with knife in back by Bond

“Do you see what comes of all this running around, Mr. Bond? All this jumping and fighting, it’s exhausting! Relax. You need to relax… Ah well, mother’s calling. I will give her a good-bye kiss for you.”

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24James Bond: Spectre

Dr Julius Gorner (?)

  • Actor: ?
  • Evil Scheme: ?
  • Part of organisation: ?
  • Fate: ?

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