Don’t you just love conspiracy theories? I used to ready a lot about it and watch loads of movies by weirdos like Alex Jones (Infowars) or Michael Moore. This year it’s been pretty silent around these folks, but others are still shouting off the roofs that some things are just not what they seem.

Here’s a list of some crazy conspiracy theories in 2010.

1 Julian Assange (Wikileaks) was framed

Well it is kind of coincidental that, after a lot of publicity and mixed reactions all around the world, Assange’s suddenly wanted for rape in Sweden, right? I mean, what the hell? This wasn’t known earlier? Of course we’re all influenced by Hollywood blockbuster movies, but it does kind of reek like this guy is being framed into shutting the hell up. At least his lawyer thinks so.

Here’s some more info about Wikileaks, the official website and Julian Assange.

By the way, he does look a little dodgy, though.

2 Barack Obama is a former CIA agent

Was Barack Obama recruited and trained by the CIA to infiltrate Pakistani (Taliban) and Russian (Soviet) schooling systems? I don’t think so. But Dr. James David Manning seems to think otherwise, thanks to his “intense investigation”.

Allegedly, young Obama’s Muslim background caught the CIA’s attention and not long after that, he was attending Karachi and Moscow universities to help the Taliban army oppose the Soviets’ invasion of Afghanistan.

Read the entire report here.

James David Manning didn’t stop there though.He’s fighting for the arrest of good ol’ Barack:

3 North Korean torpedoes caused BP oil spills

On April 10, 2010, BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, killing 11 workers. As a result, the well-known Gulf of Mexico oil spill started and kept flowing for about three months.

A terrible tragedy, but radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh thinks it was a deliberate act by “environmental whackos”, which sounds like crap. Who the hell blows up an oil right, destroying the environment, to save the environment?!

Anyway, if you read this article you read about Rush’s claims, but also about a woman called Sorcha Faal (reporter for the HIDEOUS website What Does It She clearly states that the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was a suicidal torpedo mission from a North Korean squad of morons. Interesting!

4. iPhone 4 antenna issues were planned

Yes, of course, because now they can sell even more iPhone 5’s! Right. As if they wouldn’t sell a¬†ridiculous¬†amount of those new phones anyway.

At first, people thought the white iPhone 4 was delayed to fix the reception problems when you held the phone the wrong way (here are some solutions by the way), but this white edition is yet to be released. So it could easily be true that an early release of the iPhone 5, along with a white design, might fix the problem. That doesn’t mean the antenna trouble was on purpose, right?

Here’s an interesting read that shows some of the weirdness surrounding “Antenna-gate”

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